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Valdymo koordinavimo centras Governance Coordination Centre

Municipality Owned Enterprises

100 percent shares under the signed concession agreement (valid until 01.01.2022) transferred to the concessionaire UAB Autovelda.

Financial results

P/L Statment

Cost of goods sold
Gross profit (loss)
Gross profit margin
Operating expenses
Operating profit (loss)
Operating profit margin
EBITDA margin
Net profit (loss)
Net profit margin

Balance sheet

Non-current assets
Intangible assets
Tangible assets
Financial assets
Other non-current assets
Current assets
Inventories and prepaid expenses
Accounts receivable in one year
Other current assets
Cash and cash equivalents
Total assets
Grants and subsidies
Financial liabilities
Long-term liabilities
Short-term liabilities
Equity and liabilities

Financial ratios

Capital return ratios
Return on assets (ROA)
Return on equity (ROE)
Return on capital employed (ROCE)
Capital structure and liquidity ratios
Debt / asset ratio (D/A)
Current Ratio
Quick ratio
Turnover ratios
Asset turnover
Fixed asset turnover
Equity turnover
Profitability ratios
EBITDA margin
Operating profit margin
Net profit margin
Other ratios
Dividends to the Municipality
Dividends paid / net profit

About the company

  • Official nameUAB „Širvintų autobusų parkas“
  • Legal formPrivate limited liability company (UAB)
  • Company code178242493
  • SectorPublic transport
  • Line of businessPublic transport
  • Representing institutionŠirvintai district municipality
  • Share belonging to the Municipal100%

Financial data provided as at end-December 2021